Super Bowl 2014 – Dinner with QuarterBacks

We flew in to New York as the sun set. It was a beautiful sight, with a gorgeous pink sky as a backdrop to the lights of a big city beginning to twinkle. Upon arrival at our hotel, The Palace, we were whisked up to the second floor where there was a reception desk set up, given all our credentials and shown to our room. After a brief freshening up, we headed back down to cocktails and dinner.

Following dinner, we were entertained by Ron ‘Jaws’ Jaworski, and two well known quarterbacks: Eagles Nick Foles and San Francisco’s Collin Kaepernick. Jaws gave us his analysis of the upcoming game, and asked the young QB’s various questions about their own careers and their opinions of this years game match up. Then it was opened up to our small group to ask questions.


Being the shy mabel I am, of course I stood up and asked the only NON-football oriented question: “Who, in your life, was the most pivotal, inspiring and motivating person in your life? Who was it that helped you to get where you are today?”


I was extremely pleased to hear both young men answer that they were inspired by their hard working, self-sacrificing parents who instilled self-discipline, drive, and a work ethic that has helped them to succeed. As a parent of two young adults, it was rewarding and affirming to know that we are instrumental in the creation and development of a successful person!

These young men were just charming. After the Q & A, we had the opportunity to chat personally, and grab a photo with them. I found both to be honest, humble and a true delight. With the over-hyped characatures the media puts on display for public consumption (our Vikings escapades are a horrifying example), it’s easy to stereotype all football players in a less than flattering light. It was a pleasant experience to have those preconceptions shattered. These are athelets I would be honored to have my child look up to and role model!

That about wraps up day one. Tomorrow: Dinner with Dione

*I currently have no photos to attach, as I’m trying to figure out how to get the photos off my phone and on to my ipad (apples streaming isn’t working for some reason), and so I will have to add the pictures later. (One of these days I WILL master technology!)

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