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I have been a stay at home mom since the birth of my oldest (now) 20 year old daughter, (I have 2 beautiful girls) so for 20+ years now my job has been to love, nurture and care for my family of four humans, 2 dogs, 2 horses, and various animals going in and out of our lives like fish, chicks, guinea pigs, and birds. (thankfully no reptiles)

I learned to love cooking and entertaining from my mother, who was truly masterful and gifted with the art of homemaking. While I hold a degree in Microbiology, my interests have taken me in to catering, banking, outbound sales, finally settling on motherhood and domestic goddess. (It’s a word my girlfriend came up with and I think its’ perfect!)

When I had my children I fell in love with being at home.. Not being far out of college and at home on one income, I had to squeeze pennies by learning how to garden and grow my own produce, clean, organize, decorate and be frugally crafty, cook, shop, and entertain on a budget. And this was all before Pintrest, twitter, and access to DIY YouTubes! It was a wonderful and instructive time in my life. We have since moved from the coast, ending up in the Mid-Western frozen flatlands.

At this stage of my life, my girls are fledging the nest to college, while my husband and I explore and expand how to be a couple again.

My life is a series of experiences, full of failures, tragedy, hardship, success, joy and blessings. I hope that my passion for all things domestic and family inspires others to take the time to stop and smell the roses (or stinkweed if the circumstance dictates), and really embrace what is an overlooked part of our lives. The Art of Homemaking.

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Rachel

    I’m heading to the BLR Chicago in a month. (Yeahhhhhh!) I’m wondering about shoes. What kind of trail or path did you hike/forced March daily? I’m trying to figure out what kind of shoes to buy, and how many pairs. God bless you for taking it on, making it through, and sharing so freely!


    • Rachel, I hope you have as amazing an experience as I did. It has truly changed my life. As for shoes, I would recommend you go to a running shoe store, one that specializes in a good shoe that is designed to fit you. You cannot get the proper advice or attention from a big box retailer. The brand of shoe will depend upon your foot, but you should ask for a running/walking shoe. Get ones that fit, otherwise you might be battling blisters and that is NO FUN from what I saw. It is nice to have 2 pairs, so that one can air out and dry on alternate days. Also, make sure you invest in good socks. You’d be surprised the difference a good sock can make.
      Dont forget shower/water flip flops. You’ll want to wear them in the showers and locker rooms in the pool area.
      Please let me know how you liked it and GOOD LUCK!


  2. Rachel

    Yeah…I’m not cheaping out on the shoes. We have a great store here that will even let you road test them, and if they don’t work you can return them. I was there yesterday, but thought I needed a little more info on exactly what the trail and terrain are like. Big difference between Montrails and Saucony. Sounds like I need a good cross trainer. Going with Smartwool socks. They wick like crazy. Finally, get the girls squared away with a few sports bras. 🙂


    • Oh, smart wools!!wish I’d have actually THOUGHT about it and I would ha e brought mine also!!! Get tip Rachel!
      Oh, and we must always take care of the girls!!!! We have our priorities!
      If you can, get a fitbit. I have one now, but it would have been fun to have one there. A coupe of ppl did, and by their estimates we were putting in over 21,000 steps/day and that doesnt count pool time.
      I think it was more, since I’ve been able to easily do over 10,000 every day since coming home. I think it had to be more, cause that doesn’t take in to account poo, time.

      Please, let us know how you do! I expect its different for everyone, but it was life changing fr me.


  3. jill

    Hi, Ive really enjoyed reading about your BL resort experience. I am going in a week, and am nervouse about how much I need to loose like 150# if Im totally honest.. I guess Im wondering if there were other people there that are that overweight, and how they did with the rigorous schedule. Im totally ready to give it my all, I know I can do it, just nervous about my size.


    • There were bodies of all sizes. You’ve no reason to worry. They will help you modify exercise to accommodate any injuries or health issues. I hope you will love it as much as I did!


  4. Rachel Houseman

    I just got back yesterday. Michelle, your tips were extremely helpful re: Camelbaks and shoes. I’d like to offer Jill my email address, so she can contact directly. If it violates your blog page rules, feel free to delete this entry. It’s rshouseman@yahoo.com. Hugs! (I would encourage ANYONE who is considering it, to do it!) Rachel.


  5. I would prefer that comments be left under the appropriate blog posts, so that others can benefit from the comments and replies. I have tried to remove the comments box from this page, but WordPress doesnt seem to be cooperating! Enjoy my space!
    Thank you!


  6. lifesabanquet1

    Greetings! My name is Heather and I was wondering if you could answer my question I have about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com 🙂


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