SuperBowl Bound-Day One

I didn’t expect my first post back from hiatus to be a trip to the Super Bowl, but, well, my life is unconventional at times, and I’ve learned to roll with it! So, instead of sharing my travel advice from sunny Puerto Rico, (to break my writers block) I am going to give a day by day, blow by blow, of our fun filled time headed to New Jersey for the All American event called ‘The Super Bowl’. (I will be sharing my Puerto Rico traveling tips, and gluten free experiences when I get back, be patient!)

Currently as I type, (I intend to keep it current daily, yeah, nothing like good intentions!) I am winging it from snowy frigid Minnesota to snowy but less frigid New York City. Yes, I know, the Super Bowl is in New Jersey, but we are staying at the Palace Hotel in NYC. It’s ironic really, as my husband and I are not football fans. In fact, we really are not sports fans in any traditional sense of the word. Our girls were equestrians. Yep, we lived the horse world, from which we are recently, (and too be honest quite happily) divested. Not only are horses a budget buster, (the things we sacrifice for our children!) but it is a sport which can be rather singularly individualistic. Me, being well, me, I made it a party. Loving to love on our group, it was not unusual that a typical ‘show’ would consist of a chicken cesear salad ‘luncheon’ to be eaten in lawn chairs in the scorching sun surrounded by a lot of hot dirt and dust. Equestrian is not a ‘team’ sport in the normal sense of the word. The girls did have ‘teammates’ who rode with the same trainer but when it came down to the wire, it was my girls and their horses who did the competing. It most certainly is not an environment where a bunch of fans all congregate, have a huge party and get noisy wild! No, it is a slow paced, patience testing, mentally challenging, endurance sport. Lots of hurry up and wait. The sport is stamina testing, learning how to keep calm and relaxed under duress for extended periods of time, (so as to keep the horse and rider calm and yet focused) which can be a grueling marathon for both horse and rider. So, when I say that the game of football is lost on me, I mean it sincerely. It is a world which, having horse-loving girls, we did not experience.

So, you might be wondering, why am I excited?

IT’S A PARTY! And that, my friends, is right up my wheel house! Parties? I know those! I know how to host a party and I know how to appreciate being a guest, and we are lucky enough to be guests of a group that knows how to not only have fun, but knows how to make their guest feel special! That, is a party I cannot refuse.

When we arrive in NYC there will be a reception and if past experience holds true, we will be meeting with the new up and coming rock stars of the NFL. More to come….

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