Well, I’m kinda sorta back! Ruger is quite plainly an example of what I’d LOVE to be doing currently after my hiatus. (yes, he really does sleep like that)

I’d love to say that during my sabbatical from Rockinthemomrole, I was relaxing and doing my best lounging lizard impression, but instead I was getting my girls off to college (and cleaning up after them), holding a garage sale, winterizing my not so small garden, trying to potty train this adorable but stubborn little beast, trying to maximize the last moments of good weather, and valiantly fighting a grunge that settled in my lungs and has clung like Gorilla Glue for weeks.
A quite unintended side effect of taking some time off, is the potential (and consequence in this case) of developing a writers block. Following a week, then two and three plus, I repeatedly asked myself, “What should I say first?”, “Where do I start?”. So much has happened where does one start?

Procrastination is a curse of mine that after 50 years I should have mastered already, and so I refuse to let this bane get the best of me. I can’t think of a better way to dive back in than to share a picture (albeit a bit fuzzy – thank you Apple for the awful new upgrade – my camera now has as bad of vision as I do) of my cute puppy sleeping so joyfully.

It honestly is what I’d love to be doing. But, alas, winter is coming. The lovely days of fall are coming to a close I fear. So, time to strap on the fortitude and keep marching.

Maybe, when he wakes up, he can join me.

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