First day of ‘School’…for Ruger

First day of 'School'...for Ruger

As I get back in to the writing groove, bear with me as I talk endlessly about my puppy. It’s never hard to write about something so cute and endearing as a puppy, so, here is the puppy update of the day:

Ruger had his first day of ‘school’. As part of his socialization at this age, I introduced him to daycare yesterday. As a mom, I am not unfamiliar with the butterflies in the stomach, the slight twinge of anxiety as we drop our kids off for their first day. I was rather puzzled and surprised that I would feel that way about my puppy! (Yes, Mia went along with. I felt she deserved a day of respite with some other friends, away from the annoying pestering of her housemate.)
Just as a responsible mom would, I sent lunch, and discussed his needs and quirks with the staff prior to leaving.

Then I ran errands, lots and lots of errands. I was so productive during my extended time of freedom! I picked up the carpet from the repair shop on the other side of town (the one our foster puppy Jada chewed), ran to the warehouse for staples, was able to unload and put away the supplies, IN PEACE, and even got in a much needed dental exam.

Then, finally, back to pick up my precious littles. Little man got an ‘A’ report card, and Mia was happily exhausted. Back home, they both drank, ate and Mia settled in to sleep. Little man, however, seemed restless. No, it wasn’t that he had to go potty, he had eaten, and tanked up on water. He kept whining and roaming around his kennel…which was closed.

So I opened the door to his kennel, he promptly crawled in and passed out. And snored.

I’d say, little man had a big day.

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