Fitness Buddies

In the past when the flurries began, I would hole up in my little homestead to wallow in depression, eat, getting fat while waiting for the stimulating and motivating warmth to return. As part of the mental reboot achieved at camp this summer, my desire to never return to the the larger clothes size and feeling older than I look, outweighs my loathing of the cold. So, as one of my trainers would say ‘Suck it up Buttercup’! I donned walking mittens and a hat, warm wooley socks and dressed in layers. I leashed up my ‘kids’ and off we went, trying to enjoy the season as best as possible. 

Walking Little Mister always starts off a little rocky, it’s more like trying to herd cats than it is actually walking a dog. Small distractions, like sticks, only feed a puppy’s natural ADD. 



Finally, we settle down, and actually walk, albeit the amount of ground he covers, criss crossing back and forth, vastly outmatches my distance. 




I change the routes occasionally, this time heading towards the soccer fields nearby, which borders on a closed sandpit the City has made a nature area. As a reward for walking on the leash nicely, I let them off leash to explore and run. (Puppies need to RUN) 



I think that face says all…Happy, Happy, Happy. 




After a few ungraceful tackles on Big Girl, it was time to leash up and finish walking. 

Who knew fitness could be fun? Well, it can be…when you have fitness ‘buddies’. 

Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming

As I sit, sipping my steaming morning cup of caffeinated elixir, I look over and there is Little Man gazing out the family room window.

Winter came screaming in to the area this last Sunday, and as a puppy born in summer, he has never experienced the presence of old man winter.
So, as he sits there puzzled, staring out at the light flurries that began a bit ago, I wonder what goes through that teeny tiny dog brain. What does he see? Does he wonder where the warmth went? Does he wonder what happened to the sun and green grass? I know he is marveling over the fallen piles of leaves we encounter on our daily walks. I know he joyfully chases a leaf the wind picks one up, teasingly dancing it in front of his nose, fluttering just out of reach, until that blustery element gets bored and drops it. I giggle at the look of satisfaction on Little Mans face as he proudly displays whats left of a leaf, dangling from those puppy jowls.

But is he aware of the change in season? Not being of the family canine, I cannot say.

I would like to think that he is day dreaming. I favor the idea he is pining for fun by the pool, with his mistress masters lounging nearby like lizards on a rock, soaking up the preciously short summer sun rays. While he may, or may not be pondering that as he watches the flakes fall, I know it’s foremost in my thoughts. It’s just too early for snow.

Sigh. I fear it’s going to be one of THOSE winters.

We may be cursed with an early and long winter, but I am blessed to have four legged friends to help take the edge off. While it may be bitter outside, I have a double dose of furry love to blanket my toes on the coldest of nights. With Little Man and Baby Girl as my loyal companions during the day, and Big Man to snuggle with under the down comforter at night, I will choose to focus on the blessings. In Minnesota, that is about the only way to survive the long, sometimes VERY long, winters.


You’d think an empty nester would have the luxury of sleeping, all through the night. 

No children out and about to worry over, no children’s friends tromping through the house as they come and go. And it’s fall, which means short days, long nights. The temperature lowers, perfect for snuggling under the covers, all toasty warm, with the window cracked so the fresh, crisp, chilly air can filter in. It’s the time of year where one is busy, winterizing both inside and out, ending the day with a body and mind ready to drift off to slumber land. 

But, I have a puppy. And a puppy gets in to things a puppy does, eating things a puppy shouldn’t. And then the puppy tummy lets everyone know it’s not happy. 

And so, for the past couple of nights, I am up repeatedly letting puppy out to do puppy’s ‘business’. 

I’m not complaining mind you, at least ‘Little Man’ is now old enough to rouse me from my slumber, instead of making a mess. It convinces me, God wisely gives infants to young parents, who’s youthful bodies can more easily handle the rigors of sleep deprivation. That said, here I am up every couple of hours, hurrying the puppy down the stairs and out the door, standing bare foot on cold hardwood in my chilly kitchen, waiting for little Mister to do his business. Gratefully, he returns and is as anxious to get back to his bed as I am. I crawl into the warmth of my bed, he settles down, and all is good until the next tummy grumbling. 

Infancy passes all to quickly and it feels like it was just an eye-blink ago that I was awaken in the dead of night by the cry of my baby daughter, and blurry eyed stumbled to her room to nurse my precious little bundle in the wee hours of the morning. Now it’s a much older version of that self, repeating the motions with much less grace and not nearly as much resilience. But, just as child infancy passes, this will too. Until my girls have children of their own and ‘Nanna’ can watch them, I choose to look at this inconvenience as a blessing. I could be grumpy, resentful at the intrusion of my beauty rest, but I choose to be thankful for the refresher of wonderful memories. 

So here I sit, sleepily, at my kitchen table, a large steaming cup of coffee at my fingertips, sipping it’s body warming contents slowly, feeling the veil of fog begin to part. I gaze out at the maples displaying the colors of fall, swaying in the crisp gentle breeze, crystal clear heavenly blue sky as a backdrop; a picture perfect Kodachrome postcard. Honestly, how can I be crabby? How can I be anything but grateful and willing to count my blessings?

And such is the irony of life: ‘Little Man’ sleeps with perfect contentment near my feet.