Lightening Fast Cucumber Salad


I have been obsessed with my Salt Blocks. Like, obsessed! I’ve been seasoning my meats on it, playing with veggies on it, and I’ve been waiting to cook on it. (We’ve just been too busy biking on all the nice days, either pedaling or motoring, so my dinners have been all quick meals! As I mentioned in my previous review of Salt Block Cooking, blocks need time to heat up.)

So here a quick dish, and an easy one boot!. Its lightening fast!

Slice your cucumbers and lay them on the block. Let them lay there no longer than a couple minutes on each side. (Not too long, they will get too salty) Pat dry, and then toss with Fage 0% Greek Yogurt, lots of fresh dill, cracked pepper and a splash of cream and/or lemon juice to loosen up.

The salt pulls some of the water out of your veggie, while seasoning at the same time. The result, a cucumber salad that doesn’t get all watery and is nicely seasoned.


Having 2 blocks on hand makes for quick work.


Serve as a side dish like shown, or a healthy meal on its own. With the high protein yogurt, you really can count it as a light meal. So source yourself a block and start having fun with it! (See the link embedded above)

Enjoy, and feel free to share your salt cooking ideas in the comments!

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