‘Out of the Box’ (or Bag) Breakfast

Sometimes we just need to take a short cut or two. Over brunch, we can take our time with planning, preparation and cooking. But when it comes to breakfast, true, race-out-of-the-house breakfast, speed and ease is of the essence.

Every once in awhile, I like to use a pre-done product to shortcut and streamline a meal. Alexis Potato Puffs are a delicious, gluten free, way to have a creatively fun breakfast option.

Heat up your waffle iron first. Spray or lightly grease it, then layer your frozen, right out of the bag, tots evenly across the surface. Cook until well-browned, which will look like this:


While your tot ‘cakes’ are cooking, you can fry your ham and eggs. I encourage you to leave the yolk runny, that way you have a built in healthy ‘sauce’.


My trick to a perfectly cooked egg: Start the egg in a skillet, then throw a tight fitting lid over the pan, turn the heat down and ‘steam’ the whites on the top. Voila! Isn’t that a beauty?

This meal is so versatile, you can dress it up or down. Serve it with a hollandaise, or melted cheese sauce. Salsa would be delicious if your meat was fried chorizo sausage. Add a thick slice of tomato, basil and bacon and you have a riff off of a BLT.

Give it a whirl, and be sure to leave your ideas in the comments below!

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