Payback can really BITE!

Payback can really BITE!

This is Ruger.

This is Mia.

This is Ruger obviously stalking Mia, and Mia not quite sure she is happy about it. I find this completely hilarious, from a karma point of view. Why, you might ask? Here’s why:

We have always gone to the Humane Society for our dogs, and when we moved here 14 years ago, we had Kimmy, a Humane Society Black Lab/Shepherd mix who was already a senior of 11. When she went to Heaven, I had no desire to adopt a puppy while tending 2 young daughters, so we adopted Maize, a Yellow Lab/Shepherd mix who was full grown at 4 years old. (I absolutely recommend older dogs for young families. Busy parents generally do not have the time and attention to give a young puppy; little children are not very suited to caring for a young dog; and there are SO many older dogs who need good homes. Maize was absolutely loved by ALL she met! Please consider an older dog for adoption)
Well, about 5 years ago Maize was getting on in years and my children (now teenagers) felt it was time to get another family member, and they were old enough to help with a puppy. A trip to the Humane Society, and home we come with Mia.

She is a perfect dog. Yes, she is also a Lab/Shepherd mix (my favorite mix). She grew up out of her typical Labrador puppy chew stage to be a loving, good natured, calm and sweet dog. However, as a puppy she absolutely terrorized Maize! Ankle biter is what we called her! She would lay down and ‘stalk’ Maize, and poor Maize trying her best not to be utterly crabby about it.

So, it quite appropriate that ‘what goes around, comes around’. Ruger is smart, and so is learning quickly that ankle biting results in a ‘correction’ from Mia. All the same, I can’t help but giggle…just a bit.

(click on the photo to be taken to the Humane Society of America website. This is not a paid advertisement, but a personal plea to rescue loving animals who need homes.)

2 thoughts on “Payback can really BITE!

    • Jillperry, thanks for stopping by and visiting my world. I loved your own journey with our four legged family members. I used the word ‘karma’ with reservation but openness to reaching out to as many as possible. I believe in the Spirit, having been touched directly, in the past, and now with this new puppy. It sounds like the Spirit knew what you needed and guided you to what would help you to be you. God is always amazing in His love and care for us.
      I think your comment inspires me to a new post. Thank you!


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