Princess and the Pea


I was mopping my floors one day and to make it easier I just stacked the kids beds together.
I turned my back and I find Big Girl perched on top, snoozing in total comfort.
I was immediately reminded of a childhood story, The Princess and the Pea.

Since she didn’t move for hours, I guess there were no peas!


Mini Babysits


Mini says “I love these guys, and I take good care of them!”

We were blessed with a few warm days late fall this year. Wanting to take advantage of the nice weather, Big Man and I decided to try and get as much winterizing as we could done. That way, unlike many other years, we were not trying to do it in below freezing temperatures with the snow falling!

So, while we were working, Mini was in charge of watching my furry kids. I drug out their beds and let Little Man and Big Girl soak up the last of falls warm sunshine.

Here in MinneSNOWta, you learn quickly (and sometimes not so pleasantly) to take advantage of the good weather. I would have rather spent the day riding on my bicycle or on the Harley, but the pay off was so worth the sacrifice of a weekend. We are currently running 20 degrees below normal. Yeah. Thats Minnesota for ya!

Mini goes to Duluth

This weekend my family said it was too hot in the city, and wanted to take the furry kids swimming.” Well”, I said, “let’s head up to that big lake and teach the little one to swim?” Adventure is my middle name you know. Well, if I had a middle name, it would be Adventure!

Being the adventuresome fun kind, they agreed. Of course my family is fun, they have me don’t they?

While ‘Big Girl’ introduced ‘Little Man’ to water for the first time, I kept watch shoreside. I take my job seriously, but in a fun-loving kinda way. (That, and I just had a wax and didn’t want to spot my paint with water.)



(I look pretty serious, don’t I?)






It wasn’t sunny, but my family liked the temperature, break from humidity, and they love that big lake. Their furry kids had lots of fun and Little Man took to water….well, like a dog should!


Once they were good and pooped out we loaded up. I was revved up and off rollin’ down the highway back to the cities. As anyone can see, not only am I sporty on the outside, but I’m roomy inside too. My driver connected her phone, tapped her favorite playlist and blasted the tunes out of my uber-awesome-ness speakers. The destination is fine and all, but for us it’s all about the journey, and we crank the tunes on the journey!


It was so much fun, I can hardly wait for our next Adventure.


***Stay tuned for more Adventures of Mini***