The Groove. Day 4

This morning the storms that rolled through the night before left us with gloriously perfect exercise weather: crystal blue skies, warm sunshine, low humidity, and soft cool breezes. Simply perfect for working hard, sweating and a temperature that isn’t draining. I personally woke up in a GREAT mood. The lethargy of ‘hump-day’ had moved on with the storm, leaving me energized and ready for action. 

Today started off, as all mornings, with a nice warm-up prior to breakfast. Today was a new variation of dynamic stretch. The motivational calming stretch time of yesterday was a wonderful pause on hump-day, but this morning I was raring to go, so great music and energetic stretching was right where I wanted to be. 

After breakfast it was off to a wonderful park for a super fun circuit. We had 4 stations about a 1/4 mile apart that we traveled up and down for nearly 2 hours. When done, we had nearly 4 miles under our belts, as well as some really tough station workouts.

Classes, lunch and dinner, dumb bell workouts and intense circuits in the pool rounded out our day. I feel GREAT!  

Today I was – ‘In The Groove’. 

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