The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Hump Day

Day 3:

Technically I guess you can say it’s day 4, considering we checked in and started on Sunday, but it’s day three of the program, and we are officially over ‘hump day’. As of dinner tuesday night, we had run/walked/stepped the equivalent of a marathon. Yep, 26 miles. WA-HOO!

The Good. 

We were blessed with good weather. Not ideal weather, but the thunderstorms that were predicted held off until we were done being outside. YAY! The workouts were a little toned down, which was nice because we are all SO SORE. I think I’ve found my smoothie groove for breakfast. Not too heavy and easily digestible so when the workouts start, it doesn’t come back up! Along with the morning workout, pool time, and stretches, we were introduced to Body Attack. For those of you who are familiar to ‘Insanity’, it’s like that. Holy Moly it’s a sweat producer. We have great trainers, they give us a good workout, we are exposed to great lifestyle education and the other guests here are really fantastic people. I am learning names, (which is not my gift) and getting know them. I hope to keep in touch after camp.

The Bad.

There was a mix-up  and mis-communication about some of the benefits of coming the opening weeks from Biggest Loser. I was waiting to see how the company handled the situation, because the true test of a good customer service business is how they handle the un-forseen complications. It took them awhile, but they came through with flying colors and their clients are happy. My second ‘test’ was to contact the head Chef at the home office about the lack of food presentation and temperature of the food. I sent a FB message first thing this morning and our lunch came out delicious and piping hot. We’ll see how the food is handled going forward. This is the equivalent of a ‘soft opening’ and so I’m sure they are experiencing a learning curve. Another ‘bad’ was the colony of ants that decided to set up home in my bathroom. Um, yeah, definitely not welcome ‘roommates’. Fortunately, the resort manager moved me to a new room while they took care of the problem. YAY! 

The Ugly: 

The Spa. Wow. I really don’t have much nice to say about my experience so far with the spa. They don’t return calls, their computer system is a nightmare, I had one of my services cancelled and then rescheduled (difficult since we are only available after 6:30pm), and then when inquiring about the potential of a 3rd service, I find they have scheduled someone OVER MY ORIGINAL 2nd SERVICE. I understand they have some system changes, and there was some other side issues with BLR (biggest loser resort) but I had triple confirmed my service appointment! I had checked in multiple times, talking PERSONALLY with the desk/scheduling staff. They had 1 time slot left, not for what I had made an appointment for, but I took it anyway. Then, when I showed up tonight for the rescheduled (original appt) I sat in a dark room with peeling wallpaper for a 1/2hour. Yes, sadly, the spa gets an official ‘ugly’ designation. I hope they get their act together and do a little upgrading. When you are sore, tired and a little cranky from both, you want a little pampering. They advertise as a world class spa, but it really hasn’t come across to me as world class. 

So that was day three. Because my appointment ran late, it’s late and this little campers rear end is dragging. I have really enjoyed the basics of the program. I think they have some kinks to work out with the food service, but I expect future guests will benefit from our feedback. The resort itself (BLR shares the space) is nice but we don’t have a lot of interaction with it, other than walking the 1/4 mile back and forth between our rooms and the exercise pavilion. The few times I’ve dealt with the front desk staff, they were helpful, however the Spa needs a LOT of work.

Stay tuned for tomorrows update. 

3 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Hump Day

  1. Karen Randall

    Wow, when you get home, you will be ready to rumble lady….while the exercise is happening you just wish it was over, but after it is over you feel great…….good luck.


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