The Home Stretch- Day 5

This morning started off with a pretty darn aggressive ‘warm up’ with a lesson in kick boxing. Then it was off to the park to do a repeat of the 5K we did on Monday, our first day. When I arrived that first day, I was just able to power-walk the 5K, but it took me 52 minutes. Today, I jogged it at 38. That is not fast by the standards of some, but I was able to shave 14 minutes off my time AFTER: The equivalent exercise time and steps of TWO FULL marathons, AND a weeks worth of walking endless times back and forth the quarter mile between the room and the workout areas. I think that is a darn big accomplishment!

It didn’t stop there though…oh no! The 5K was followed by timed exercises: jumping jacks, squats, lunges, ‘get-ups’ and burpees, as many as we could in the allocated time (called AMRAP:as many repetitions as possible). Then back to the resort, for class and lunch, and class. Then 45 minutes in the pool. This is NOT paddling about people! This is intense, heart-pumping, cardio for 45 straight minutes. That was followed by a Zumba class, another 45 minutes of sweat and panting.

I confess, I’m pooped out. I am treating myself to a massage tonight, and my tired, sore, cranky body is going to be much happier with me later tonight. I’m just more than a little nervous about the kickboxing tomorrow. It’s our ‘last chance workout’ and I have a feeling you are supposed to leave it ‘all on the table’!

What an experience this has been. I had no idea what to expect, I don’t watch the show.  The trainers here have totally made the experience amazing. This has been the best ’50th’ Birthday gift ever from my family (who was supportive and held down the fort while I was gone) and for myself. What I found was that I am stronger and have more endurance than I thought. Not only have we have done the equivalent of half marathons each day, five days in a row, but even the trainers who all have to go through the program, say it’s hard. Yes, they kick the intensity up for themselves, but it IS HARD!

I’ll post my final thoughts tomorrow, and maybe an update or two. We have a few extra minutes today between classes and dinner, so I sat down to put this up. I’m afraid I won’t have the energy to post tonight!

Oh yeah baby, I’m in the home stretch.

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