Gluten Free White Chocolate Dipped Candy Cane Cookies

Gluten Free White Chocolate Dipped Candy Cane Cookies

I taught myself how to make these when Trader Joe’s came out with their candy cane filled oreo style cookies. (I call them oreos, but I think legally they are ‘sandwich cookies’)

I would dip the cookies in dark chocolate and top with crushed candy canes. Yum.

But now that my daughter is gluten intolerant, I just simply use the Glutino brand creme sandwiches, both chocolate and vanilla and dip them in both white and dark chocolate. These are vanilla flavored creme sandwich cookies dipped in white melting chocolate and topped with candy canes. I did the same with some chocolate creme cookies and dark chocolate.

Easy and beautiful, and sure to impress at a holiday open house, cookie exchange or simply to have around as the kids flow through your house, looking for something to curb the sweet tooth.

A helpful tool to make these is a truffle fork. I looks like a flattened out pitchfork, and allows the excess chocolate to drip off while holding the treat. Let harden on a Silpat.


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