Front Door Poinsettia in a Basket

Front Door Poinsettia in a Basket

I’m just not one to spend money on what I would choose to call ‘frivolous’ expenditures. In the summertime, I have a garden full of perennials to keep my home full of flower arrangements, but winter time is a chance for me to be a little more creative in my penny pinching.

Our local craft supply store is always putting things on clearance, and these poinsettias were just the thing for my front door. I have lots of various pines and evergreens on my property, so with a little decorators foam, my rod iron hanging basket and pruning sheers, I came up with this. My outside wreaths and swags are contemporary in nature, silver balls, white and silver ribbon, mini-ornament balls. I am quite pleased with the way it turned out, and for the cost of a fancy cup of coffee, I have a beautiful (and freeze-safe) front door welcoming arrangement.

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