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“Stay with Me”, Cover by Sophia & Tyler


Now that my daughter is back from her study abroad she is back in front of the microphone, much to the delight of her friends and ours also! Here is the sweet voice of (in our biased opinion) the talented Sophia and her new accompanist Tyler performing the cover of Sam Smiths ‘Stay with Me’.

I hope you enjoy!

3 thoughts on ““Stay with Me”, Cover by Sophia & Tyler

  1. Hi Michele happy 51. Enjoy it. I have my 85th coming up on the 3rd of July. Yes the time does fly. I loved your daughter’s recording. Just wish your Mom was here to see how happy your family is. My best to all of you. Do you ever get to Portland? You know where I live. Love Billee Rupp


    • Thank you for the kind comments Billee! I wasnt sure you were still in your location. We will have to connect privately, since this is a public forum! I’m glad you found, and enjoy my blog, its been in a hiatus for a little while. Time to get back at it I think! Big hugs!


    • Jeez Billee, I hope I have your most updated info. You can email me at and we can connect privately.
      I hope to get out there this next summer. We might be looking at property out there!


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