While I catch my Breath

Hubby and I rolled in late afternoon yesterday from the Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary party in Milwaukee, WI.

We had beyond an amazing time and both of us agreed we would be back in 5 years. In the meantime, while I catch my breath, run some laundry, and generally catch up on some sleep, I would like to share a fantastic post by Gluten-Free[K] which showed up in my email InBox. I can totally empathize with her concerns about eating gluten free on a budget as I have 2 daughters in college trying to manage their finances and pinch pennies. Her point about having a well stocked pantry will inspire me to put up a post of my own, which will hopefully help people to maintain and refine their own pantry…and if you don’t have one, how to set one up.

I also will be sharing some of our experiences in Milwaukee, which, thank goodness for camera phones and old fashioned memory, because I think we’ve lost our camera. I don’t care about the camera, I just wish we had the data card with all the pictures we took. Bummer.

So, here is the link to Gluten Free on a Budget. Please, take the time to head over and give it a read, especially if you are looking for some ideas! And stay tuned, reports from HOG heaven are on their way!

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