Bit ‘o shade!

Bit 'o shade!

We are having a ‘swan song’ of summer here in the upper mid-west, with a heat wave moving through to give us a taste of what summer should have been, before releasing it’s grip to fall.

After finishing an exercise session with my trainer, I came home to a puppy bursting with energy. Miss Mia’s and my normal walk up through the green space to the local middle school fields is too far for the puppy, so I loaded both in the car and drove them up. Unloading in the parking lot, we started down the football fields, headed towards an open space at the other end. About half-way down, little man decided he’d had enough, and this picture captures it perfectly.

“It’s hot mama!”.

You could just see it in his eyes, as he attempted to find the only shade available, my shadow. We had another 50 yards to go to get to the small field Miss Mia likes to romp in, so little man got a ride the rest of the way.

Oh, to live the life of a puppy, so simple, and so spoiled.

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