Mock Cuban Plantains

Mock Cuban Plantains

When I visited southern Florida, I was privileged enough to have excellent Cuban cooking. One of the most amazing side dishes I had were ripe plantains which were an amazingly sweet, tart, and savory all at once. I’ve duplicated them here at home, but always with ripe plantains.

This day, however, all I had was 1 and a half jersey sweet potato in my pantry.

So, using my favorite book “The Flavor Bible” which is my inspiration for all ‘from the cuff’ cooking, I created these sweet potato medallions. Do not use yams or garnets in this recipe, they are too sweet and do not taste the same! Use only Jersey (they are a pale yellow color) ‘sweet’ potatoes.

1-2 Jersey Sweet Potatoes, peeled and sliced in to 1/2-1inch medallions.
1/4 lime or splash of lime juice
1-2 cloves garlic, fresh minced or put through a press
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Kosher Salt

Pre-heat your grill on high, toss potato slices in the EVOO, season with kosher salt. Place on grill, turn heat down to medium and cook until semi-charred, flip and continue to cook until insides are soft and tender. (prick with a fork to tell or squeeze with tongs)

While potatoes are cooking, add fresh minced garlic to the bowl and a bit more of EVOO. You want just enough to coat the veggies, not swamp them.

When the ‘taters are done, toss them while hot, in the bowl with the garlic. Squeeze the fresh lime over the top and toss gently again.

Cover with tin foil and let steam cook for 3-5 minutes (I do this while my meat is resting), then serve.

For a nice twist, add fresh, finely chopped cilantro.

According to my daughter: Yum.

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