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SFO Day 4: Home, there, and back again

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Breakfast this morning started out at The Daily Grill which was both delicious, worth the 15-20 minute wait and had excellent service. We had walked by the previous day and the line was out the door. Since there were only a few waiting, we decided to give it a try. As seemed to be typical in San Francisco, they did not have a gluten free menu, nor designation on the menu for gluten free items, but they were happy to accommodate both my daughters gluten free diet.

Then there was general consensus to spend our last few hours on the ground on Fisherman’s Wharf. (We were to fly out late afternoon) We packed up, put our luggage in hotel storage and headed off to catch the trolley for the obligatory tourist experience of riding the San Francisco trolly. After standing here, waiting 20 minutes with a pack of other tourists,


we changed our minds. Yep, we took a cab.

The cabbie dropped us off near 12:15pm, which is when the next heat of the Americas Cup was running. So I dragged my family out to the end of the Pier where we watched the boats race. This time the Emirates boat had some competition, the Prada boat. Well, kinda sorta competition. They started out within sight of each other


The Prada boat is on the left (facing the camera), the Emirates on the right, headed towards Alcatraz Island. Then, all of a sudden, the Emirates boat took off and sailed away.


Since the Pier where the cabby dropped us off is near the shopping mall, and behind the ‘main drag’ of the Wharf, after watching the boats we headed off to pass time. It was so lovely on Sunday, as it was less crowded, but still lots of artists and activities.


We passed more time enjoying the sights and sounds, then headed back to The Franciscan to warm up (there was a chill in the air) and grab a light bite. We shared a crab and my oldest was able to enjoy our fun experience also.


We polished off our crab, Yummmmm.


Then it was a stroll up to Ghiradelli Square, where again, the crowds were nearly non-existent and we were able to grab a sweet treat.


I tried the ‘new’ chocolate-banana salted caramel milkshake, my ‘cold babies’ had a hot chocolate.


By this time, it was with a bit of sadness we grabbed a cab back to pick up our luggage and head to the airport. Another lovely surprise, the airport was nearly empty! On the plane headed home, my oldest treated me to ‘fun with food wrappers’ as a way to combat the boredom of the 3+ hour flight home.




As I rolled my bag to the car, it struck me as odd that I was headed ‘home’. The mid-west has been good to my family. It has provided us a wonderfully slow paced life, a safe place to raise my children, a good job for my husband and a small, but treasured network of friends. Yes, it has been good to us. But… me, the West Coast will always be ‘home’.

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