Graduation Celebration

If you’ve wondered where I disappeared to, I haven’t. It’s just been more than a little crazy around here getting ready for my seniors’ graduation party, hosting visiting family, birthdays and horse shows. 

Now that the dust seems to have settled, I have a few moments to put some thoughts to paper…or, whatever this is called. (Think about the coolness factor of just that statement, because 20 years ago, I’d have to write a book, submit an opinion piece or be hired by someone who would publish me. The freedom of the internet is truly marvelous. Moooo-ving on…)

I have a HS graduate!


For my oldest’s party, I did all the food AND decorating, AND there was a horse show the day before, AND I had family in town. It was a bit too much. With this child, it had to be Gluten Free AND yummy food I’d be proud to put on my table, but I also needed to reduce some of the stress. This year we also had family visiting, but also a horse show and 20th birthday party for my oldest, right on the heels of the Graduation Party. Enter my dear friend Dalia. She is Puerto Rican an AMAZING cook and she also does a little catering on the side. So I asked for her help, and the food was simply amazing! We had an entire feast of delicious, gluten free food that people gobbled up. Some came back for 3rds!! 



I was so busy that day, but it was not stressful because I knew I could count on my friend to take complete care of preparing and serving all the food, as well as keeping it stocked. I even had time to sit down and have a plate myself! Granted, I was so hungry I started to munch before I thought: “I better take a pic of this!”


We had Arroz con Gandules, Pernil, Puerto Rican black beans, Cilantro rice, Pollo Guisado and a soft serve ice cream machine with hot fudge sundae fixings, root beer floats, along with a Tres Leche cake. It was a great party and seemed to be enjoyed by all. We even had Sangria at the ‘adult’ bar to fit with the latin theme. 


It was a perfect day, the Good Lord gave us beautiful weather to be able to set up and sit outside on my beautiful patio. 



The pool was used by lots of kids, then when the little ones left, the teenagers played volleyball. 


What a blessing to be able to entertain and love on our family and friends. It is a bittersweet time, but with much joy I say: Congratulations baby girl! 


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