Why we bother to hire meteorologists in Minnesota is a mystery to me.
If you looked at the weather forecast, one would have closed the blinds, gone to the basement and hunkered down for a movie Sunday to pass the time.

Instead, we chose to muddle through the hot, steamy, overcast morning outside doing some yard chores. We were rewarded with scattered clouds by noon, and so with oldest leading the way, we hopped on the bikes and went for a cruise through the country. Those scattered clouds turned in to a glorious afternoon, perfect weather for a ride!

What a perfect illustration for living life on the plains of the upper MidWest, life for the moment, not the forecast. Here, you can’t trust the ‘experts’, so just go with the flow.

And enjoy the ride.

6 thoughts on “Cruisin’

  1. If you dont swing for that ball you will never know if you can hit a home run. Same goes with biking. You’ll never find that perfect ride until you brave some ugly weather. Ride hard, Ride Often


    • That is all too true TwoTiretirade! We have invested in some rain gear, just in case we get caught out unexpectedly! Let’s hope we have many more enjoyable days to get out there and put some wear on those tires!


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