The Beaches of Normandy

The Beaches of Normandy

69 years ago, it was a bloodbath on the beaches of Normandy, and yet our brave boys kept plowing forward.
69 years ago, women would become widows, children fatherless, mothers childless.
69 years ago, Americans understood the fragile nature and high cost of freedom, and yet paid the price.
69 years ago, we showed the world what it meant to be an American. That freedom belongs to everyone, not just America, and we showed it the color crimson stained upon the beaches and shoreline.

69 years later… many people reading this even remembered what today is, what it stands for, and why we honor it?

I challenge you to talk to your kids, friends and relatives about what happened 69 years ago. Tell them that the sacrifice of those men, on that beach, allow you to attend a graduation party, a baseball game, a peaceful walk in the park, or the simple pleasure of being able to do all those things with out someones permission or papers.

Today should be a day of thankfulness, so say it.

**Click on the photo and watch President Reagan honor the sacrifices of those who died that day at Point-du-Hoc

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