On the road to Hana, stop at Keanae!

On the road to Hana, stop at Keanae!

On the road to Hana, take a swing down to the little (kinda sorta) ‘town’ of Keanae. It lies on a volcanic spit that jets out to the ocean where you’ll find, a historic church made from lava rock and coral, waves crashing spectacularly against those ancient black flows, and the best mango bread you’ll ever have. (no, it is not GlutenFree, but now I am determined to make one just like it GF)

We stopped at this quaint sign, which was someones house and sported a small goat eating leaves, to buy a loaf of Mango bread. It was handed to us by a young boy of maybe 13, warm still in a brown paper bag and the mark of oil attesting to its’ moistness.

Oh la la! It was delish torn off in hunks eaten warm, but even better the next morning, toasted, served along with papaya and fresh squeezed lime juice.

Whether or not you stop for the mango bread, the vista was well worth the time taken for the side trip.

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