Let it SNOW!

Let it SNOW!

I always say that the first snow fall! That childhood joy excitement emerges and it’s just so beautiful that first snow fall. I would prefer not quite as MUCH snow on the first snow fall, because as an adult and NOT a child, it means my husband and I do the labor of shoveling.

But when the sun is shining on the snow, it is just so bright, cheery, and mood lifting. It’s what you envision at Christmas time. I know that Christ was born in a desert, but I cannot help but associate Christmas and snow together.

I’ll be enjoying this snow until February. Then my foot will start tapping in anticipation of spring, which in the arctic tundra, doesn’t come until April.

Still, its gorgeous right now, and no need to think beyond the holidays. For now I’ll just revel in the reason for the season, grateful for home, health and hearth….and snow.

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