Coming up for Air!

So much for the ‘freedom’ and ‘peace’ of being an empty nester! 

It seems to me I am swimming in ‘busy’, busier now that my girls are gone than I was the past 2 years of their High School years! One reason is I have my sweet little nugget, Ruger, who is growing like a weed. He went from an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, black ball of fur, to a puppy. And his paws…..Geez Louise, he has lions paws. I can’t begin to even contemplate the repercussions of that not so small observation! 


While the puppy sleeps during the day, I have been taking the opportunity to dive off the pier in to the gigantic lake called ‘Deep Cleaning and Organizing. I’m by no means a dirty house keeper, but I’m not always tidy, especially in the kitchen. After being at home for 20 years with kids, their friends,  our animals, and family friends coming and going, I stopped fretting the small stuff awhile ago. So what if the dishes don’t get done right away?  So what if the stove isn’t show-house pristine, or the non-perishables are on the counter?  I was cooking up a storm, churning out meals, snacks, canned goods, preserving, crafting, floral arranging, computer work, bill paying, you name it, my kitchen is the hub of life in this house.

That means it’s lived in.

That means, have a nervous breakdown over every single thing out of place, or let 80% of it go and enjoy life. I’m sure hubby wishes I was a little more attentive to the small things, but I always figured once the girls were gone, I’d have loads of time to knuckle down and tackle the things I’ve put off. Even if I was tidier, I don’t ever think I’d want my house to look like a showroom. It’s not a showroom, it’s where we live. Sure, I had my moments in the deep end of ‘ENOUGH OF THE MESS’ and griped, moaned and groaned. But, I think all who have graced my door understood my house was ‘lived in’. 

In between cleaning and errand running, I am trying to take the time to walk my older gal. While I could be swimming laps, Miss Mia needs some TLC time.  Since we have been taking short walks with the puppy, she has been missing out on her 6 mile hikes with me. So today, when puppy took his morning nap, I grabbed her leash and out the door we flew to get 5 miles in as quick as possible.

We were greeted with absolutely glorious weather. We are talking pool lizard, lie by the pool glorious weather. This bi-polar state has decided to cut us all some slack, and the day is just perfect in my book. That makes 3…..3 perfect days so far this spring/summer.

Yes, I count. 

So, now it’s back to the task and I have a monumental one before me. I am going room by room and weeding out everything and anything we don’t need or want. While we are not downsizing immediately, this is a great opportunity to being the mental process in preparation of that stage. Not only is the house calling for my attention, but the garden is long overdue for a good weeding and general tending. And then there is the dinner meal to contemplate and prepare, and those blueberries that need to be processed and preserved. Hmmm, maybe pie. Oh dang, I think I need to make a pie, a Blueberry Pie….

(Deep Breath)

I’m divin’ under!



I can’t help but be envious, just a bit, of Ruger and his total and complete sense of contentment; his utter trust and faith that he is safe and sound in our care.

As humans, I feel we are all looking for that sense of peace that comes with complete trust and faith being placed in the hands of another. With age, hopefully comes some wisdom and some enlightenment. I’ve just celebrated 5 decades under my belt and the one thing I’ve come to realize is that the only one I can place complete trust and faith in is my God and His Son. Humanity, in it’s flawed and fallen state, will inevitably let me down. It’s not a criticism of any one human being, it’s just a result of living in a world separated from our true home. But there is One who will never let me down even if the world does, who will always love me even when no one else can, and who promises me that one day I will leave this earthly realm that groans under the weight of sin and see my true home, the place I truly belong.

And what a home that will be.

A welcoming party that will surpass the best of parties ever, as all my past and future canine companions, as well as the relatives, friends and family who have preceded me, welcome me to the ultimate place of happiness and contentment.

When I watch my puppy sleep, I catch a glimpse of that glorious and perfect contentment.

When I watch my puppy sleep, I am reminded of something someone wise told me once. Something I knew deep down in the core of me, where the Spirit resides and affirms basic truths. Something that sums up my love for these loyal, trusting, loving, happy, furry domesticated canine companions:


Now THAT, is contentment.