Little Man’s First Snow

Little Man's First Snow

Ok, I apologize in advance for the lousy iPhone picture. But puppies, like toddlers, are little beings constantly in motion during their waking hours. There just is no time to grab the big ‘nice’ camera and snap the spontaneous picture. Oh no, that moment will be long gone before you have even thought of getting the good camera. One can have ‘planned’ spontaneous pictures, but good luck getting the authentic ones.

So, at this stage, my trusty phone will have to do.

As a puppy born in early summer, Little Man has never seen snow. When the Twin Cities received our first bit of white, with my trusty phone at hand I caught his first reaction outside.

At first, the change in color on the deck threw him off. Then, he tentatively tested a first step outside. Finally, after gathering up a bit of bravery, with full gusto he bolted out the door, snuffing and snorting at the snow with his nose.

When he came to ‘check in’ with me, this is what greeted me at the door. Precious, but I’m biased.

Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming

As I sit, sipping my steaming morning cup of caffeinated elixir, I look over and there is Little Man gazing out the family room window.

Winter came screaming in to the area this last Sunday, and as a puppy born in summer, he has never experienced the presence of old man winter.
So, as he sits there puzzled, staring out at the light flurries that began a bit ago, I wonder what goes through that teeny tiny dog brain. What does he see? Does he wonder where the warmth went? Does he wonder what happened to the sun and green grass? I know he is marveling over the fallen piles of leaves we encounter on our daily walks. I know he joyfully chases a leaf the wind picks one up, teasingly dancing it in front of his nose, fluttering just out of reach, until that blustery element gets bored and drops it. I giggle at the look of satisfaction on Little Mans face as he proudly displays whats left of a leaf, dangling from those puppy jowls.

But is he aware of the change in season? Not being of the family canine, I cannot say.

I would like to think that he is day dreaming. I favor the idea he is pining for fun by the pool, with his mistress masters lounging nearby like lizards on a rock, soaking up the preciously short summer sun rays. While he may, or may not be pondering that as he watches the flakes fall, I know it’s foremost in my thoughts. It’s just too early for snow.

Sigh. I fear it’s going to be one of THOSE winters.

We may be cursed with an early and long winter, but I am blessed to have four legged friends to help take the edge off. While it may be bitter outside, I have a double dose of furry love to blanket my toes on the coldest of nights. With Little Man and Baby Girl as my loyal companions during the day, and Big Man to snuggle with under the down comforter at night, I will choose to focus on the blessings. In Minnesota, that is about the only way to survive the long, sometimes VERY long, winters.