Bit ‘o shade!

Bit 'o shade!

We are having a ‘swan song’ of summer here in the upper mid-west, with a heat wave moving through to give us a taste of what summer should have been, before releasing it’s grip to fall.

After finishing an exercise session with my trainer, I came home to a puppy bursting with energy. Miss Mia’s and my normal walk up through the green space to the local middle school fields is too far for the puppy, so I loaded both in the car and drove them up. Unloading in the parking lot, we started down the football fields, headed towards an open space at the other end. About half-way down, little man decided he’d had enough, and this picture captures it perfectly.

“It’s hot mama!”.

You could just see it in his eyes, as he attempted to find the only shade available, my shadow. We had another 50 yards to go to get to the small field Miss Mia likes to romp in, so little man got a ride the rest of the way.

Oh, to live the life of a puppy, so simple, and so spoiled.

Fritos and Coffee

Fritos and Coffee

Someone recently said ‘puppies feet smell like Fritos’.

What absolute brilliance! I had never, on earth, thought much of anything other than puppies have that ‘puppy’ smell that is utterly addictive. When she said ‘Dogs feet smell like Fritos’, there honestly had to be a cartoon light bulb over my head that lit up!  THAT’S why I snuggle him so much, and brave the challenge of putting my face within reach of those those needle sharp puppy teeth. I mean honestly,  if you’ve ever had a Frito, you know that you never eat just one!

Then I got to thinking about puppy breath. As kooky as that sounds, I dare anyone to say they don’t just LOVE puppy breath. There are those who don’t like dogs, but even the most callous of canine critic has to admit puppies smell good. In my opinion, it’s like standing over the crib of my newborn babies and drinking in the sweet smell that rises up from their pure, newly arrived little bodies. Just like that newborn smell, puppy breath is just….addictive. It’s not the smell of Fritos mind you, but certainly just as compelling and addictive.

Then it hit me the other morning while brewing a cup of rich, dark roast morning cup of coffee: Little Misters breath smells like my freshly brewed dark coffee!

Honestly, I feel like I’ve solved one of the mysteries of the Universe…

Why are puppies are like an addictive drug for the nose?
Answer: Fritos and Coffee.

Now, where’s my Nobel Prize?



I can’t help but be envious, just a bit, of Ruger and his total and complete sense of contentment; his utter trust and faith that he is safe and sound in our care.

As humans, I feel we are all looking for that sense of peace that comes with complete trust and faith being placed in the hands of another. With age, hopefully comes some wisdom and some enlightenment. I’ve just celebrated 5 decades under my belt and the one thing I’ve come to realize is that the only one I can place complete trust and faith in is my God and His Son. Humanity, in it’s flawed and fallen state, will inevitably let me down. It’s not a criticism of any one human being, it’s just a result of living in a world separated from our true home. But there is One who will never let me down even if the world does, who will always love me even when no one else can, and who promises me that one day I will leave this earthly realm that groans under the weight of sin and see my true home, the place I truly belong.

And what a home that will be.

A welcoming party that will surpass the best of parties ever, as all my past and future canine companions, as well as the relatives, friends and family who have preceded me, welcome me to the ultimate place of happiness and contentment.

When I watch my puppy sleep, I catch a glimpse of that glorious and perfect contentment.

When I watch my puppy sleep, I am reminded of something someone wise told me once. Something I knew deep down in the core of me, where the Spirit resides and affirms basic truths. Something that sums up my love for these loyal, trusting, loving, happy, furry domesticated canine companions:


Now THAT, is contentment.