Domestic Goddess Tip : Reviving Dog Bones

Domestic Goddess Tip : Reviving Dog Bones

My furry kids are pretty good about chewing bones until they are pristinely white and cleaned of every single lick of goodness. At this point, the tasteless bones lay about the house, but still have lots of good ‘chew’ left on them.
To get Little Man and Big Girl interested in them again, and save myself some cash, I gently boil them in beef broth (Little Man has allergies, so we stay away from chicken) then let them cool before serving.
They will enthusiastically chew them as if they were brand new! This works for antlers they have grown weary of also. I have found Antler interest to last the longest, but it can’t hurt to refresh them with a soak.
Give it a try, your canine companion will love you for it!

4 thoughts on “Domestic Goddess Tip : Reviving Dog Bones

    • WOW MaryBeth! 4 furry friends to keep you company!! Well, then this is the trick for you! You can use even a cheap bouillon cube! Yes, it will be a bit salty, but you can water it down. The trick is to really steep the bone. My kids went NUTS over the bones! It was like they were new, all over again! You might even try adding a drop or two of liquid smoke to give it that ‘smoked bone’ taste.


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