Domestic Goddess Tip of the Day

If you are like me, I save my ‘delicates’ up for a load big enough to run through the gentle cycle of my washer. That, of course, means I have more than a few items, especially when my daughters come home and we are trying to turn over their clothes in a short time frame. 

I do have a drying rack in my laundry, and a couple of those collapsible flat dryers, but even that is not enough at times. Some folks simply don’t have space in their house/apartment/condo for drying racks. Maybe, like me, the floor is not an option due to inquisitive puppies and their teeth! 

For anyone finding themselves in this situation, grab your roll of saran wrap and try this trick! 



Everyone has a chair of some sort in their home. Simply wrap the top in saran wrap to protect the paint, wood or fabric. If your chair is fabric, you may want to go lengthwise. If you chair top is oddly shaped, you can fold some tin foil to give structure under the cling wrap and provide a more flat surface. (That way your item doesn’t dry all wrinkled) 




After a few hours, flip to ensure the underside dries properly. As you can see, I happen to have a vent near my dining table, which is ideal for speeding up the process. (Miss Mia is watching for squirrels, which is far more entertaining than my doing laundry!)

Sometimes it is the little things that make life a bit less stressful. So, feel free to maximize your laundry loads, saving time and energy! 

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