Me, Myself and I

With the graduation of my youngest from High School and my turning the big 5-“O”, I am now officially weeks away from becoming part of that ‘empty nest’ group of parents. For 20 years, I have dedicated my life to my children, my husband and all the various animals that have gone through our home for 20+ years. 

 Funny, I really had not thought much about turning 50. I guess, part of the whole mystery of father time is we never really ‘feel’ the age that shows on our drivers license. But no matter what I feel inside, the march of time and the abuse of life has taken a toll on my body. I’ve had quite a number of surgeries, and battled the roller coaster life dishes out as I’m sure a majority of people do. My mind might feel fresh and young, but my body lets me know I have all 50 years of living life in it. 

I love to cook. I love to entertain. With some of the physical limitations I’ve dealt with have over the past few years combined with the natural slowing of a metabolism, changes of hormones, and a state which boasts weather I’m not a fan of,  a few pounds has settled around the waistline. Any other time in my younger years, I would just cut a few calorie, increase my exercise and BAM, the weight would drop. But, over the past 2 years, my exercise ‘enthusiams’ has resulted in blown out knees, severe back pain and a frozen shoulder. NOT. GOOD. Most certainly very discouraging.

 So, out of desperation, I called a friend of mine who went to a health and fitness camp and who had great success in achieving what I am desiring….a mental reboot. A treat to myself. A controlled environment that is supportive, encouraging, motivating, and a place to lose a couple of pounds, all under the close supervision of personal trainers, nutritionists and cooking experts. 

So, that is where I find myself right now. Sitting in my room after orientation, at the Eaglewood Resort and Spa, working with the staff and crew of The Biggest Loser Program. This is the beginning of my journey into a new phase of my life. My goal is to get fit, so that when my grandchildren want Grandma to hike up Black Butte with them, Grandma can. I don’t know how much energy I’ll have to post every night. I have high aspirations to share as much of my experience as possible, but the agenda is pretty full and packed with exercise and movement beginning at 6am and ending at 6pm. I might be crashing by 8pm!!! 

I am quite excited, if not a little nervous of the unexpected. What a novelty this is for me, doing something completely on my own, (with the wonderful support of my loving hubby I might add) not with anyone, just me. I do this for my husband, I do this for my kids and their future children. But most of all, this is for me, myself and I.


ps) I will be trying to post the delicious, and healthy, food they will be serving us. You can follow me on my facebook page, see the link button. If I have the energy at night, I will try to post the photos here also. Wish me luck!

pss) I will be changing the look of my blog very soon. I will be the same me, just an easier to read look. Just a heads up!