Spring Showers Bring….

May flowers? 

Well it is May, and it is showering so I guess that is true, but about the only thing ‘flowering’ are those hardy tulips and daffodils. After an afternoon of garden cleanup on a record setting hot day for May, those were the only flashes of color I saw. Still, the ground has finally thawed and the perennials are struggling to catch up. 

I can’t say there is much I’m a fan of with respect to living here in the frozen hinterlands, however, an exception are the storms that roll in across the plains bringing thunder and lightening. 

Having grown up in the Pacific NW, We lack that broad open sky that the great plains affords. As such, lightening was not nearly as spectacular. Oh, as Oregonians we were ‘blessed’ with rain alright, lots and lots of rain. We natives jokingly teased newbies we were born with webbed feet. Lightening, however, was not nearly as associated with storms as it is here.

Here, the lightening can be seen for miles and what a spectacular show it is! There are three types of lightening that come to my mind. First are the traditional cloud to ground. The type I grew up with. Gigantic bolts followed by the ‘CRACK’, and sonic booms so loud the windows on my house shake and you can feel the concussion. I’ve had them so close to the house I feared we’d be struck. In fact, my neighbor was struck and it took out her power. We’ve had houses burn down with lightening strikes. With that type of lightening, we nearly always hear the sirens, warning people to get off the golf course and under cover. 

Second is the lightening that ‘crawls’ across the sky. It looks like a spider-web canopy of light filaments shooting across the sky. The clouds are high above with lightening underneath, a perfect backdrop to showcase its beauty. It’s breath-taking, and many times I stand at the window of my bedroom on the second floor so I can see the entire skyline and just take it all in. The thunder associated with this lightening is rolling, like the swells on the ocean. It’s more rhythmic and sounds almost like a tympani drum. This lightening is my favorite.

The last is what I’ll describe as flashlight tag by the angels. The clouds are like a blanket cover overhead and the flashes of lightening are high above them. All I see from my vantage point are pulses of light. It’s as if the angles themselves are playing flashlight tag high above our heads. Sometimes I can hear the distant rumbling of their feet, sometimes not. Sometimes I picture them tip toeing above the clouds, waiting to silently sneak up on their opponent. 

And so I sit here at my kitchen table sipping a steaming cup of coffee and watch the gentle rain, listening to the gentle rumble of thunder after a flash of light, I wonder what this spring season holds for us. Will we be the northern tip of tornado alley, bringing it’s thunder, lightening, wind and hail? Or will the good Lord give us a reprieve after a brutal winter. All I know is that winter has finally released it’s grip and summer is soon to follow. Halleluja. 


The Beginning….

It feels like everyone and their Aunt Gertrude are starting blogs these days. Since I love cooking and most things domestic (and my friends have been hounding me to start a blog) I am excited to have a place where I can share my ideas, creations, success and failures in the area of food, family, faith. 

A place where I can share how I strive to be ‘Rockin the Mom Role’. 

For example, when you are sick, what comes to mind (other than lots of sleep and Nyquil?)

I bet the vast majority of you thought: ‘Chicken Soup’. 

Sure, one can pop open a can, but there is something uniquely soul satisfying and restorative in soup made from scratch by loving hands. Despite what a commercial culture tries to sell (Campbells isnt all that mmm mmm good), nothing beats the memories created and love shown by a homemade bowl of broth, and really it isn’t hard to do. 

Food provides a unique and wholesome way to connect and create family unity, unavailable in other ways. I say ‘family’ with a qualifier. When a dear friend brings you a meal after surgery, the bonds of family extend beyond blood. With the gift of food, communities are created, relationships, families and connections strengthened. 

Our society’s fast pace is not conducive to food and fellowship, so we must struggle against that tide. When we sit down and fellowship over a meal, it not only refreshes and nourishes us physically, but also spiritually. In a day and age of texting and social media, there is truly nothing that replaces that very special time at the table, whether formal or informal. I have found it truly worth the effort this takes to make a critical priority in my own family.  

We all have our struggles with ways to show love, admiration, gratitude, humility, comfort and apology. Food breaks all those barriers, including the struggles we may have with communication, on more than one level. (I come from hispanic/norwegian stock, so it makes for a feisty, stoic, extroverted-introvert. Yes, I do a lot of expressing and therapy through food!)

Through food we can express all those things including, self-confidence, satisfaction, and yes, Joy. Making the home a warm and inviting place to be creates a respite from the storms of life outside its doors, nourishes and strengthens us to boldly walk out the door to face the battles work, culture and society have in store for us. 

I love my job, and I hope I can inspire, encourage and help to give you ideas, tricks, tips, tools and permission to truly embrace the joy of what it means to be a mom in a culture that hasn’t been all that supportive nor appreciative of a traditional role in the domestics.

So, welcome to my ‘home’.