Princess and the Pea


I was mopping my floors one day and to make it easier I just stacked the kids beds together.
I turned my back and I find Big Girl perched on top, snoozing in total comfort.
I was immediately reminded of a childhood story, The Princess and the Pea.

Since she didn’t move for hours, I guess there were no peas!


Puppy Shavasana

Last night my daughter and I were perusing through my laptop photo album and we both started to giggle when we came to this photo: Little Man and Big Girl having a little post walk siesta.

My daughter giggled and said “Mom, we (her sister and herself) call that puppy shavasana, cause it’s just like the corpse pose in Yoga!”

She was right.

And I giggled some more!

Puppy Prayers

Puppy Prayers

The MN ‘summer’ has been anything but. One cannot help but feel more than a little bummed out at the lack of weather related reprieve, and it looks like Little Man is praying just as hard as I am for a break in the never-ending rain and gloom.

He’s so dang cute, maybe the Man upstairs will listen!