Domestic Goddess Tip : Drying Boots

Domestic Goddess Tip : Drying Boots

Sometimes, the best tips and tricks are the low tech solutions to a problem.

Todays tip addresses the conundrum of drying out the insides of boots effectively and efficiently.

This technique can be used to dry spring rain boots as well as winter boots as shown, or even wet dress/tennis shoes.

You can invest in an expensive boot dryer, or if you are frugal like me, find a chopstick, jam it gently in your heating vent, then stack the boot over the top. If your vent is a bit too wide for the chopstick, wrapped a rubber band over the bottom. The rubber will widen the base and is pliable enough to allow it to be securely wedged in the vent opening.

If the weather is too warm for your thermostat to kick the heat on, just run the fan. Not only will the air in your home get circulated, efficiently distributing your air around and evening out the temperature of your home, but it will gently dry your boots/shoes overnight.

April showers brings May flowers. While we wait for the May flowers to finally show up, at least you can keep your feet dry!