Life Truths

Life Truths

Some of my happiest memories are of childhood S’mores.

Sitting by the campfire on the ocean beach warming myself, barefoot, in a sweatshirt covering my bathing suit; watching the sun disappear over the water framed horizon; toasting a white JetPuff on a driftwood stick, cleaned by the sand and ocean water; watching it brown over the glowing beach-wood coals; laying that warm gooey mess on a bed of milk chocolate; feeling the crunch of the graham cracker in my mouth, the ooze of the melted chocolate, the warmth of that melted pillow of white which squirted and stuck to my fingers, which were then licked clean along with a bit of sand….

Yes, money cannot buy happiness.

But it CAN buy marshmallows, and that IS the same thing.

A Blast from the Past

A Blast from the Past

While roaming the shops of Chinatown in San Francisco, my oldest excitedly pointed these out. As you may recall, when my children were young we lived on the coast, and this was what they knew as ‘candy’.

Back then, I had a heightened sense of awareness when it came to sugar consumption by my girls. I had suspected, even back then, that refined sugar was a major culprit in hyperactivity, sleep, and some behavioral problems. So, I was very careful in what I allowed my girls to consume. They grew up on honey sticks, homemade fruit leathers and yes, Botan Rice candy with the ‘cool’ edible paper as sweet treats.

Now, I’m older and more experienced and hopefully even more knowledgable. Shared reminiscing moments like this are very touching to me, especially when shared with your 20 year old daughter. I’m so comforted that she looks at something like this and is happily transported to her youth. It’s a good memory and that totally rocks my ‘mom’ world.