Mini goes to LaCrosse Wisconsin!



(Mini stopping to enjoy one of the Locks on the Mississippi River)

Mini Says: “I love Bicycle rides. My family loves me because not only am I cute but I’m practical too!”

One of the passions BigMan and I developed this summer was bicycle riding. Initially I picked it up to add to my fitness regime since it’s such a wonderful calorie burn and it gives me the freedom to eat the way I want to be able to eat, instead of eating like a rabbit counting calories. As the summer wore on and we got in better shape, increasing our distance, we decided to take a ‘Mini’ vacation to LaCrosse Wisconsin to ride the very first bike trail in America. Sparta, which hosted a train rail line back in the day, converted that rail line into a bike path when it was mothballed and a new line put in. Now, if you ride from the trail head in LaCrosse to Sparta, you can log 21+miles. From Sparta, you can continue up another 10+ miles to Tunnel #1, which is not only 1 of 3 wonderfully hand carved tunnels, but also a winter bat sanctuary.

Hubby and I ticked off over 40 miles Day 1 by riding from LaCrosse to Sparta and back again. Burning over 3,000 calories, we were able to fully enjoy amazing food and fun beverages in downtown LaCrosse. Then Day 2, Mini hauled the bikes to Sparta. We unloaded them, and started the 3% grade climb up to tunnel 1. Since it was sunday and we still had a drive back home, we only went as far as tunnel 1 before we headed back down.

The trail is all packed limestone. So, if it’s sunny and dry, its a breeze and we could cruise an easy 16 mph on the flats. We discovered however, that after a rain shower overnight, the trail is slow where it was damp. Be sure to have at least hybrid tires on your bicycle or it could be a rough go.

If you are near LaCrosse WI and have your bike on your roof….I highly recommend the ride. The ride sports some amazing views and downtown LaCrosse is quaint, full of friendly people and a great place to grab a post ride bite!

We fully enjoyed ourselves having a healthy vacation….

And Mini loved being admired, as usual!

(Mini getting ready to take a nap, at the bike path trail head in LaCrosse)



(Limestone bike path from LaCrosse to Sparta)



(Vistors Center in Sparta. Head left and its ALL uphill!)




(Tunnel #1. About 10 miles from Sparta. The doors were installed to close in winter to protect the bats)



(The Tunnel is long, dark and drippy. Bring a STRONG flashlight if you want to go on to Tunnels #2 & 3)


Mini goes to Duluth

This weekend my family said it was too hot in the city, and wanted to take the furry kids swimming.” Well”, I said, “let’s head up to that big lake and teach the little one to swim?” Adventure is my middle name you know. Well, if I had a middle name, it would be Adventure!

Being the adventuresome fun kind, they agreed. Of course my family is fun, they have me don’t they?

While ‘Big Girl’ introduced ‘Little Man’ to water for the first time, I kept watch shoreside. I take my job seriously, but in a fun-loving kinda way. (That, and I just had a wax and didn’t want to spot my paint with water.)



(I look pretty serious, don’t I?)






It wasn’t sunny, but my family liked the temperature, break from humidity, and they love that big lake. Their furry kids had lots of fun and Little Man took to water….well, like a dog should!


Once they were good and pooped out we loaded up. I was revved up and off rollin’ down the highway back to the cities. As anyone can see, not only am I sporty on the outside, but I’m roomy inside too. My driver connected her phone, tapped her favorite playlist and blasted the tunes out of my uber-awesome-ness speakers. The destination is fine and all, but for us it’s all about the journey, and we crank the tunes on the journey!


It was so much fun, I can hardly wait for our next Adventure.


***Stay tuned for more Adventures of Mini***


Introducing: Mini

Introducing: Mini

Mini says: “Hi! I’m Mini! I’m cute and I like to have fun!”

Yes Mini, You are cute as a button and we like to have fun. Mini joined our family last fall and has been feeling a little left out of Rockin’ The Mom Role.

So, today we begin ‘The Adventures of Mini’. Cause, well, Mini is just too cute to not have a spotlight!