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Mini goes to Duluth

This weekend my family said it was too hot in the city, and wanted to take the furry kids swimming.” Well”, I said, “let’s head up to that big lake and teach the little one to swim?” Adventure is my middle name you know. Well, if I had a middle name, it would be Adventure!

Being the adventuresome fun kind, they agreed. Of course my family is fun, they have me don’t they?

While ‘Big Girl’ introduced ‘Little Man’ to water for the first time, I kept watch shoreside. I take my job seriously, but in a fun-loving kinda way. (That, and I just had a wax and didn’t want to spot my paint with water.)



(I look pretty serious, don’t I?)






It wasn’t sunny, but my family liked the temperature, break from humidity, and they love that big lake. Their furry kids had lots of fun and Little Man took to water….well, like a dog should!


Once they were good and pooped out we loaded up. I was revved up and off rollin’ down the highway back to the cities. As anyone can see, not only am I sporty on the outside, but I’m roomy inside too. My driver connected her phone, tapped her favorite playlist and blasted the tunes out of my uber-awesome-ness speakers. The destination is fine and all, but for us it’s all about the journey, and we crank the tunes on the journey!


It was so much fun, I can hardly wait for our next Adventure.


***Stay tuned for more Adventures of Mini***


Introducing: Mini

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Introducing: Mini

Mini says: “Hi! I’m Mini! I’m cute and I like to have fun!”

Yes Mini, You are cute as a button and we like to have fun. Mini joined our family last fall and has been feeling a little left out of Rockin’ The Mom Role.

So, today we begin ‘The Adventures of Mini’. Cause, well, Mini is just too cute to not have a spotlight!

Puppy Prayers

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Puppy Prayers

The MN ‘summer’ has been anything but. One cannot help but feel more than a little bummed out at the lack of weather related reprieve, and it looks like Little Man is praying just as hard as I am for a break in the never-ending rain and gloom.

He’s so dang cute, maybe the Man upstairs will listen!

That ‘Onion’ Moment!

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That 'Onion' Moment!

I recently turned 51. (wow, where do the years fly off to?)

One of our family traditions is to have the meal of your choice for your birthday dinner.
My birthday request was steamed mussels with crab legs and a beet salad. (you may be thinking that is an odd combination but hey, its my birthday, it’s what floats MY boat!)

So hubby and oldest got to work prepping and cooking. (Isn’t hubby snazzy in his chefs coat? The family got them years ago for christmas. The girls outgrew theirs, but hubby and I use ours all the time)

My daughter was in charge of onion cutting detail. I had to capture the moment and share, because anyone who has cooked has had that: ‘Onion Moment’!

“Stay with Me”, Cover by Sophia & Tyler


Now that my daughter is back from her study abroad she is back in front of the microphone, much to the delight of her friends and ours also! Here is the sweet voice of (in our biased opinion) the talented Sophia and her new accompanist Tyler performing the cover of Sam Smiths ‘Stay with Me’.

I hope you enjoy!

“Look Up”

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Being a parent means sometimes you learn amazing lessons from your children.

I have been sporadic posting lately, because I have been spending more time reading. Good, Old Fashioned book reading for pleasure. Despite the break from letting time sucking TV and news consume my life, I still find myself falling in to the trap of modern technology and culture: Texting, instead of calling. Texting, instead of face to face meeting and chatting. Looking at my phone in the midst of conversation. Checking social media, full of people I have never met, instead of meeting with those I do know.

I am guilty of ‘looking down’, and based on what I see around me, I’m not the only one.

My oldest recently returned from study abroad in Europe. We made the decision in advance to only use Wi-Fi when available to communicate, meaning her phone was pretty much useless. She was therefore ‘liberated’ from the tether of her phone, and came home with a whole new perspective, and priorities. Arriving home, we find her no longer dependent upon a phone with 3G and a data plan, along with access to technology to socialize or communicate. She quite often leaves it at home. It is refreshing in this day and age of ‘everything technology’.

Did she spend her time in Europe looking at an illuminated screen?

No, she did not. And she came home RICH in memories and experiences.

Does she spend her time now, looking down?

No, she does not. And she seems all the more happy for it.

So watch this video, and take a lesson from a 21 year old. I did, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Domestic Goddess Tip : Drying Boots

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Domestic Goddess Tip : Drying Boots

Sometimes, the best tips and tricks are the low tech solutions to a problem.

Todays tip addresses the conundrum of drying out the insides of boots effectively and efficiently.

This technique can be used to dry spring rain boots as well as winter boots as shown, or even wet dress/tennis shoes.

You can invest in an expensive boot dryer, or if you are frugal like me, find a chopstick, jam it gently in your heating vent, then stack the boot over the top. If your vent is a bit too wide for the chopstick, wrapped a rubber band over the bottom. The rubber will widen the base and is pliable enough to allow it to be securely wedged in the vent opening.

If the weather is too warm for your thermostat to kick the heat on, just run the fan. Not only will the air in your home get circulated, efficiently distributing your air around and evening out the temperature of your home, but it will gently dry your boots/shoes overnight.

April showers brings May flowers. While we wait for the May flowers to finally show up, at least you can keep your feet dry!


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